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Ian + Franchesca =husband + wife duo specializing in storytelling, event, life, and wedding cinematography. Affinity is a family owned business of creative artists, that are focused on providing you an affinity experience that will last forever.

We would love to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with you. Sitting down in a relaxed atmosphere allows us to hear your story intimately before the wedding day. This helps us so that we can completely reflect the individuality of who you are and the people around you in the film. from a filmmaker's perspective, we know that without a great understanding of the subject and content at hand, it is highly improbable to cover what and when is needed. That magical feeling that you can't describe completely with words but which is unique to the love story of each wedding always comes at a cost with time and preparation. What you value you invest in and what you invest in, you value.

Meeting with us is a critical part of the filmmaking process. This process ensures that we understand who you are as a couple. If you value your investment you will understand that locations, style, color, music, and voices are all expertly built together to create films based on each couple. We enjoy recreating the first steps of your relationship. We can recreate your first date for our love story trailers. In the short films, we introduce your guests to a glimpse of your relationship and personality.

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