All Seeing Eyes


To possess the ability to "see" is one of the vital senses that individuals are able to exhibit throughout this reality; however, many may have the sight, but not all have the vision. A vision that is manifested and curated with such creative, yet distinctive attribution - all siphoned from a perception of these eyes and into a visual masterpiece.


In this modern, tech-friendly generation digital quality is made easily accessible to general public. Thus, allowing for a sense of competitive outlook and urgency amongst those creators' whom rely too immensely on the quality aspect of production. Quality isn't everything. With no regard to the availability of resources/technologies, there is one essential component that will always prevail over quality; which is originality. Ingenuity of an imagination allows for visuals to be produced with parallel significance and superb peculiarity - a trait only inherited by individuals (especially creators) that were once a bystander to inspiration.


There are many different mediums and venues to entertain an audience. Exalted with the talent to create, develop, execute and produce for a variety of projects, displayed amongst the most widespread audiences is amazing...but to be able to satisfy even the smaller, more niched crowds is a humbling, yet delightful opportunity. It is what fuels the motor, the drive. The mission is to express passion through visuals, in efforts to light up the atmosphere, illuminate the ambiance, or even simply to 'crack a smile'. In doing so, the output that was produced for the audience is nothing in comparison to the gratifying aura and sense of appreciation produced from the very,same audience - light it up, shine the light.

"It's something that I've always been around...I was handed down a collection of technology at a very young age; a video camera and a run-down Dell computer. I was raised with two older brothers, each with their own unique characteristics that greatly influenced my aspirations. My oldest brother, a techie and self-proclaimed photographer, was the individual who always exposed me to the trendy technologies at the time. My other brother, a creative genius (artist would be an understatement), always supplied me with knowledge - the type of knowledge you cannot simply obtain from textbook material, but through expressing ideas based on experiences. The outcome of such can only leave an individual with an inevitable, innovative mentality. Never allowing my capabilities to surpass the importance of the reason and the purpose I've been blessed with is what keeps the passion fueled. To be able to utilize my gifts and talents, to help others allow their dreams, passions and visions come to fulfillment is another blessing in it of itself."

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