Compendium Wedding Films

Unique wedding films, Compendium videographers capture your memories recalling those great Super-8 films but with cinematic flair.

A compendium is a collection of things like stories, images, or facts grouped and weighed together. It's this weighing of things that really matters to me. I realize that my wedding films must stand the test of time. They should not only be something the couple treasures but something treasured for generations. Something that connects their very special day to our collective archive of traditions. I will create a montage of your day set to music with spoken moments from the ceremony (vows intact), speeches, and other inspired sound bites interspersed. At the end of the full length feature, I typically add outtakes that play alongside your guest list as well. Aesthetically, I consider my films a mash-up of documentary and classic home-movie, the effect being a down to earth, very personal representation. I'm a big fan of old super 8 films but I also think relevance is important so I shoot digital while retaining a lot of the feel of those older movies.

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