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Our aim is to make you smile. Our purpose is to convey the heart of your story and exude the essence of who you are. Our passion is to uncover the little moments which define your special day.

We believe a wedding film to be an emotive investment. Life passes by so quickly, it is important to preserve the moments that define your story - like your wedding day - for posterity. Don't just enjoy your special day, make it last forever with an intimate and personalised film from Directors Edge.

Our wedding films are about you. Real people, real stories. Our films infuse the moments that reflect your character, style and charisma together with the celebrations, excitement and defining moments unfolding on your special day. We invest time with you prior to your wedding day and entwine your story in the wedding films we create.

We are passionate about people and believe our films are unique in that we are able to entwine the moments of a day to create a memory of a lifetime.

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    Glen is a dedicated video professional who is not only passionate about his work but his clients as well.

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