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DockLight Productions is a creative & artistic company located in the Florida Keys. We shoot all sorts of content but love shooting weddings. We cover your entire event from the wedding party getting ready, the ceremony, cocktail hour, wedding photos, reception toast and more. We don't just shoot your wedding, We bring it to life. This is one of your most important days, so relive it in the most stunning way possible.

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Check other reviews on other sites. Docklight was hired for my March 23rd wedding and has yet to send us anything (as of 11/23). We are not the only couple waiting for a wedding video. Our invoice was paid in full. The company has not returned calls or emails. We are contacting the BBB and a lawyer next!

To say working with Mathew has been frustrating, disappointing, and a terrible experience would be an understatement.

My husband and I were married on May 12, 2018 in Islamorada and still have not received our wedding video. (177 days and counting) Per the contract, it was due on August 12, 2018 (85 days late and counting) We have left countless voicemails, sent text messages, and many emails to no avail. Matthew has not called us back on the phone even one time. We received an email from Matthew on May 15, 2018 stating “We'll have the rest of the full film edited before Aug 12th at the latest per contract, but hopefully much sooner.” That unfortunately never happened.

September 13- we finally received this. “Hi Olivia, Sorry for the late reply here. It's been absolutely non-stop here at DockLight these past couple of months. So, I hesitate to give you an exact delivery date on your film because I really just do not know right now. What I can tell you however is that I've since hired some help to take some of the workload off my shoulders and give me some more time to deal with things like editing and staying on top of all the thousands of emails we get on a weekly basis."

I would NOT work with Matthew again or hire him as my wedding videographer. He has been extremely unprofessional, rude, and quite frankly just doesn't care. If we ever do receive our video- I will update this review. Also- please note we have paid in full and have not received our raw footage or our edited video. Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life- and unfortunately we made the poor decision to work with Matthew Dockery and are now extremely saddened as we have no video to watch and are not able to relive a day we will never be able to get back.

If we had to choose a videographer over again for our wedding I WOULD NOT sign a contract with Matt & Docklight Productions.
SERVICE is extremely slow. Matt did not honor the 90 day time frame given. It took 120 days to receive our wedding video (9 minutes in total). At this time we are still waiting on our raw footage so that we can make a wedding trailer.
QUALITY is sub par. The finished video compared to the quality posted on their Vimeo account was less than stellar.
COMMUNICATION is very poor. Matt does not answer phone calls or VM nor does he reply to text messages. To this date Matt has not responded to our wedding planner as well.
INTEGRITY; none. Matt agreed via phone conversation to film our wedding and would send over the contract to be paid in full. The very next day we received an email stating he was offered a higher wedding package for another wedding the next day and will take them instead. Although he did not attend our wedding his staff was very pleasant; however need to be aware of photographers to avoid continuing to be in wedding photos.
Save yourself the headache and hassle and use another videographer for your wedding or function.

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