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We are a husband and wife team that founded Iconic Media to give ourselves the chance to not only change our lives, but to change the lives of our clients as well. This isn't just a company to us, it's our dream to do what we love and love what we create!

We love creating wedding films and understand that you're meticulously planning every last detail of your wedding. Selecting the flowers, arranging centerpieces, saying yes to the dress, and the list goes on. Your wedding day will be over just as fast as it arrived, while many of the details you spent months (or years) planning often get overlooked. That's where we come in... we are there to capture all the important details from your wedding day.

Photographs capture a specific moment in time, but a wedding film allows you the opportunity to go back and relive all the moments from your special day. Imagine being able to watch yourself walk down the aisle, catch that first glimpse of each other, see your first dance, and hear the words from your vows. That's not to mention all the candid moments that happen throughout your wedding day that would otherwise be lost if not for your wedding film.

One of the biggest regrets of couples after their wedding day is not hiring a wedding videographer. You've invested so much time, money and effort into making sure your wedding day is perfect... why would you not invest in a lasting keepsake you can cherish with family and friends for years to come?

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