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I would never recommend hiring Juno Creative for your event. I hired them to capture my wedding day six months ago, June 5th, 2016; and have yet to see any video footage from our wedding. There have been countless email chains promising a video would be to me within 2 weeks (the first of this promise was given September 3rd). I also have not been able to get a hold of anyone and have been calling for weeks. Originally I booked our wedding with a man names, Christopher Moss, but a different man Ramon Salinas actually came to video our wedding.. I've never since been able to get a hold of Christopher Moss. My husband and I definitely regret the decision to hire and pay for Juno Creative's services in advance. We lost money and WOULD NOT make the same mistake if given the chance to redo.

Ramon was a wonderful videographer whom I would recommend to anyone who wants their wedding/event immortalized in the best way! The more I watch our highlights video, that happier I am that we not only got videography, but that we used him as our videographer. He was able to capture moments that the still photography missed, which is absolutely invaluable. We will be watching and loving this video for years to come.

I needed to hire a videographer for our son's wedding. The wedding was far from our home in Chicago, so I had to take a chance and hire an unknown from the St. Louis area. After interviewing Mr. Salinas, I was confident he knew what he was doing and that I would be satisfied with his service. He did not disappoint. Though he had a considerable commute to the wedding, he was prompt and prepared. He captured all the important parts of the wedding and many unexpected, yet precious extras. Afterwards, he was very quick to finish the edit and get it into our hands to enjoy. I would definitely recommend his service.

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