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To be fair, I wrote to the company before posting any negative reviews:

To Whom it May Concern,

After reviewing your company, I chose to have LPS as my videographers for the most special day of our lives thus far, and I am very disappointed to say that I am beyond infuriated at the results. I have reviewed my venue, DJ, photographers, and florist all with 5 stars and I want to express my concerns and intense anger with LPS before going public with reviews on various sources.

First off, in the contract the videographers were suppose to stay until 11pm, which I paid extra for. I saw them pack up early the night of, but waited to receive the raw footage to ensure my assumptions were accurate. Per the contract, they were suppose to be there for 9.5 hours, and the itinerary reviewed the exact times. Breaching a contract is not something I would imagine could be a positive look for a company when people are looking at reviews with mass competition.

Next, the most unique part of our ceremony was coming out from the top of the stairs and each walking down the steps to meet in the center. We even practiced it 30 minutes prior to the ceremony in which the videographers were there to witness! How they missed that significance boggles my mind!! Why didn’t they capture that very special part of our ceremony?!

Lastly, I don’t understand how it took 6 months to edit with how awfully it turned out. We played it for our family, in which our nephew is in college for film and laughed at how terrible the editing was with angles and transitions between scenes. In addition, I had to REMIND the company to send our videos/hard drive! Irresponsibility and unprofessional to say the least.

I know we had to pay in full in order to even see how bad it could be. Had I known I would’ve never went through with it, but then again we had a contract so I full filled my end. Clearly, your company has not and I would like some explanations and how something can be arranged for the breached contract, regardless of the horrible edits/loss of scenes that we can never get back.

Thank you for your attention,

With this the CEO basically called me a liar and sticking my his company’s employees. Not that I wanted to get the employees in trouble, just sharing how flatly awful the whole video production was. I clearly am not a liar being I even waited to get the raw footage to ensure my assumptions were 100% accurate. Further, I completely understand the length of time it takes for an edit, but the edit we got was terrible with the cuts and angles. My overall biggest disappointment was the fact we practiced the ceremony at The Palace (our beautiful venue) while they were present and they didn’t think to position themselves for our grand unique entrance. Oh and the fact I’m for certain they left early because I specifically picked the song “What a Night” by Four Seasons and did a special last dance with my dad.

They get a 1 star because the highlight came out good after editing 3 times.

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