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My name is Justin and when I’m not working a full time desk job, shooting action sports or commercial video under our parent company Lucent Productions, I am blessed with the honor of capturing one of the most special days in a couple’s life together.
As part of the wedding industry, I feel that every couple should feel 100% comfortable with ALL of their vendors, especially your wedding videographer. We are the ones there from the first moments of the day, til the last hours of the night. I have been blessed to work with MANY outgoing, laidback, and (most importantly) passionate couples, many whom are still our good friends to this day.

I always do my best to either meet in person or talk on the phone with my prospective clients to make sure that we will both have a blast on your most special day, but if you’re like to know more about me before we meet….here are some fun/crazy details about myself!

- I’m a sucker for love, and have been known to use the ‘I’ve got something in my eye’ excuse during a best man/maid of honor speech.

- My favorite song to dance to at a wedding is “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. If you play this at your reception, you might catch me fist pumping right along with your guests.

- I have a major sweet tooth and will gladly accept a piece of wedding cake if you offer. *I promise not to sample before the cake cutting*

- One of my favorite movies is Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler…’nuff said.

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