Maira Martins

Photo-journalistic with a touch of editorial, that's how I describe what we do. We, as in me and the love of my life. We work together photographing and filming the most fantastic weddings and the most unique people.

We work with natural light and dig all things warm, soft and, well, natural :) We try our best to blend in with your guests, to be discreet and to just document the day as it happens, instead of trying to orchestrate things. Our images complement each other and help tell stories, your stories. All the editing is done by myself, and although we are 100% digital videographers, I find film photography inspires me and the look I want to achieve with my work (I actually started shooting on film and have a small collection of analog cameras). It means you can expect our photos and films to look filmic, classic, with warm colours, like they were shot on celluloid.

If you feel we are meant to be, get in touch! I will LOVE to hear everything about you and your unique wedding day!


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