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Award winning wedding film studio that creates cinematic wedding films in USA, Europe and Asia. Artistic wedding films worldwide

Award winning artistic wedding film studio that creates unusual wedding films. This describes best Marry Me Studio.
Marry Me Studio derives from documentary films. It was established by a documentary cinematographer who travels worldwide to film weddings himself with his film crew. The owner has 12 awards including Grand Prix Awards, Publicity Awards, 1st Prize, Gold Prize and others. The last award dated November, 2015 is for his documentary about imigrants in UK whose passion is a dangerous extreme sport broadcasted on TV 2015/2016.

This cinematic wedding film studio is based in Cracow, Poland, however its worldwide recognition encourages the film crew to visit US, Europe and Asia. The work allows the crew to meet interesting people, have fun at work and film even the most unusual wedding events.

The film crew is multilingual which makes the team able to communicate easily with various people all over the world.

Unobtrusive way of filming the events of a wedding as well as ceremony enables Marry Me Studio to capture unique moments and create unusual and original wedding films.

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Kilka dni temu dostaliśmy nasz film ślubny od Marry me Studio/. Mieliśmy nadzieję, ze będzie to film, który ciekawie pokarze nasz dzień ślubu. Kiedy obejrzeliśmy go po raz pierwszy od razu padło"puść jeszcze raz" i tak 6 czy 7 razy na przemian cały film i teledysk ślubny. To jest piękne. Zupełnie przerosło nasze oczekiwania. Są emocje, jest radość, są momenty bardzo wzruszające, jest dużo naszej rodziny i gości. Są piękne ujęcia zamku, w którym mieliśmy ślub, a ujęcia z drona robią wrażenie jakbyśmy oglądali amerykański film :) Ten film jest najpiękniejszym prezentem ślubnym i pokazuje nasz dzień ślubu tak, ze aż trudno mi uwierzyć, ze było tak super :) Wspaniała pamiątka !
Bardzo ale to bardzo dziękujemy !

"No problem" that was Witek's answer to all our requests :) These guys are good at what they do, modest, and very creative. It was a pleasure to work with them. They do not tell you need to bend, smile or whatever. They film and do their job. Then, after few months we got a message the film is ready. And yes, it was ready for sure ! We loved it. Same as here. Firstly, we vere happy we had them filming our wedding and that's it. But when we saw the film we were like what the heck ? How did they got it ? When did they film it and how did they manage to make is soo good... with us ! Amazing !! It costed us that's true but we do not regret it, hell no !
Thanks Marry Me Studio! You gave us a film we watched more than 20 times for sure :)

Amazing. Not only discretion from the very beginning but also responisiveness to our infinite questions - more than 100 mails. We met the film studio owner in Cracow, Poland to discuss details of our wedding in Poland. We were recommended several companies as we still had no photographer and light crew. I was surprised by the level of experience based on numerous samples we were told as good and bad practices which I and my fiancee found very useful.
It was like a meeting with a professional wedding planner who wants to help you and nothing more especially that at the time of meeting we didn't have a signed contract yet.
Marry Me Studio films wedding unobtrusively - that's what they say and that's how it really is. Thay also ask you if you have any requests during the great day as well as prior to the event they gather a lot of information on who, what, when, how, etc which we also found very impressive.
The film itself is amazing, so we give them as many stars as possible.
For anyone planning a wedding in Poland or generally in Cracow we strongly recommend Marry Me Studio - Artistic wedding wilm crew.
Thanks guys!
Annie & Patrick

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