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We produce wedding videos that are indie, elegant and fun. Visually our films are light and sun soaked with accents of nature and textures severing as a background to feature all the elements that make your wedding a unique representation of yourselves. Our clients are easy going folks who embrace modern trends and trust us to provide an experience that is polished, clever and stylish.

Our approach to filming is calm and intentional, we film events as they unfold naturally and do not pose or direct you. We’re also very conscientious about the experience of you and your guests during the wedding day. We work around your photographer so they can direct you and we’re able capture footage without adding additional time onto your schedule.

We film and edit in a cinematic style which presents itself similar to a movie, telling a story using music, cinematic editing and equipment (like a Steadicam and slider). To better acquaint yourself with our style and creative voice, check out a few of our trailers at or visit our blog for more videos and full length films.

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