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We are Nick + Maria. A husband and wife team that love photo and video and telling stories. We met at a bar in Hollywood, called 86. We got married. We had a baby, and this year we decided to re-build our business around our family. We both started out in the fashion industry and lived together in downtown Los Angeles in a huge open loft with our dog, Luda. We lived in Apartment number 1208… hence the name. We love weddings, we love engagements - I guess we just love…well.... love!

Maria was Production Coordinator for notorious photographer, David LaChapelle and went on to win VH1’s reality photography show ‘The Shot’, in 2007. Since then, she has been busy shooting editorials, look-books and even covers for Victoria’s Secret. She specializes in making beautiful things look even more beautiful, and brings an experienced high fashion eye and edge to all her work. Check out Maria's other work at

I am a musician, producer, composer and videographer. I composed music for films, and then decided that I loved the creativity of actually making video. I started out shooting behind the scenes fashion films, promo campaign videos and music videos and now, well I love it more than coffee (and that’s a lot!)

So, why weddings you ask? Well, we found it REALLY hard to get exactly what we wanted for our wedding. We didn’t want the traditional ‘wedding’ shots. Some people love it, but it wasn’t our style. We wanted someone to come and tell our story - to capture all of the details and the feel of that special day on film. To have a creative and personal way to look back at our wedding.

So, we decided to set up Studio 1208 to offer that same custom, creative and special experience that we wanted, to others. If you want to capture your wedding and engagement with all the glamour and detail of the high fashion world, while making sure the heart and soul of you and your guests is documented…. then Call us! Email us! Send us a smoke signal! We travel worldwide, from Costa Rica, to California, to Cheshire!

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