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I'm Barry and my passion is to create modern & professional wedding films. No big cameras or dodgy music,just the story of your special day.

I’m Barry, a Geordie from Newcastle residing in Scotland, and I’m a fanatical traveller and film maker. My passion is in creating films that capture the special moments that make your special day, well, special. From the fleeting glances between husband and wife, to the smiles and laughter of your guests, every moment adds a layer to your wedding day.

I’m a no nonsense film maker. I won’t turn up with huge video cameras and stick them in peoples faces, I’ll be inconspicuous with my Canon DSLR and I’ll be dressed just as smart as the guests. I’m passionate about crafting lovely looking films. Your guests will barely notice me, which is the only way to catch people at their best.

I’ll be there all day, and I won’t give you a lower price and then sneak on additions to make the price much more than you first thought. I’m very honest about what you get. I’ll be there for the bride and groom preparation, the ceremony, mingling between ceremony and dinner, the speeches and the first few dances. So normally from 10am until about 8pm (10 hours). I do this because I’m there to capture your wedding day, not part of it.

And yet not everyone who gets married gets a wedding film. You might still be deciding if you want one yourself, and you may be wondering if it is worth the expense? Well, in my opinion, film can evoke a sense of emotion from your day which is different from your photos. A film conveys emotion through movement and sound, as well as the visual elements. The right film can send shivers up peoples spines, and take them back to relive those special moments over and over again.

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